Child on a swing.

We have big dreams so we aim for the sky! We believe that we can serve and change lives in our entire community with your help through the YMCA of Greensboro’s Annual Campaign. This Annual Campaign provides affordable program and membership assistance to those in our community who need it. The Y builds communities by empowering and enhancing the health and well-being of people of all ages, and by inspiring action. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in programs and live a healthy life regardless of financial ability. The Y isn't for a select number of people or a group — we are for all! 

According to a National Institute of Justice study, youth who participate in afterschool programs experience a significant increase in self-perceptions, school bonding, social behaviors, externalizing behavior, academic achievement and reading achievement. With the effects of COVID-19 and virtual learning throughout the nation, studies have shown that student test scores have decreased in math and reading compared with matched students in previous years. On the other side of the age spectrum, 50 percent of older adults are at risk of dementia if they experience prolonged social isolation according to the CDC. A great way for seniors to interact and socialize with others is through specialized programs, including the Y’s Active Older Adult program. The Y provides youth development and social responsibility efforts to the community and is committed to helping individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life attain their full potential.  

The donors who contribute to the Annual Campaign understand and value the YMCA of Greensboro’s mission and vision to build a stronger and healthier community where equity is the norm. Each donor has a unique story and his or her own reason to give.  

“I primarily made the decision to give to honor my granddaughter, Aubrey Denny. She passed away unexpectedly as an infant from SIDS. I intended it to be a one-time donation. But when I retired and became a member of the Y, things changed. I was working out regularly and noticed that there were teens working out as well. That took me back to my days at the Y when I was younger.  I was a teen with less than average self-esteem. While I was a member at the Y, a program director realized that I was less than confident and invited me to join the ‘leaders club’. That was the first time that I believed that I could be anything I wanted to be. After being told for years that my future was limited, the Y helped me realize it was limitless. That is why I give to the annual campaign of the YMCA, to let others know there are no limits,” said a YMCA of Greensboro donor.  

The YMCA offers a safe space for youth throughout our various programs and activities. Donations received help to fund children's participation in activities. Along with a safe and comfortable environment, acquiring a Y membership has helped many parents achieve their goals while their children are learning and having fun. 

“Having the ability to join the Y this past year with the help of financial assistance has increased our family’s healthy activities,” said a YMCA of Greensboro member. 

There is a need for financial assistance in our community and the Y is meeting that need. The more generous gifts that are given to the Y through the Annual Campaign, the more families, kids and seniors we can provide an opportunity and bless. The Y is more than a gym or workout facility, it is a place where individuals and families can come to feel safe, find belonging, find passion and find fun. Wellness and a healthy lifestyle cannot be summarized into one thing, it is about a million things. 

When families fill out a financial assistance application, we hear their stories. We receive stories like this one from someone who received Y financial assistance: “The main reason for this application is for my kids to get involved in social/educating activities. My children are 4 years and 5 years. My eldest has been recently diagnosed with ADHD and is on the Autism spectrum. He has been encouraged by his doctors to engage in social activities.”  

We need your help in continuing to bring social and educational opportunities to children, families and individuals who need it. Contributing to the YMCA of Greensboro Annual Campaign will help to ensure that YMCA activities remain accessible to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. Learn more about the Annual Campaign and give today.  

Published: March 29, 2022