The YMCA of Greensboro is a part of the YMCA USA's national movement that is dedicated to creating, strengthening and replicating innovative diversity, inclusion and global services, partnerships and best practices at home and abroad that foster greater community cohesion and social equity for all – work our team has been doing for years.

Diversity, Inclusion and Global (DIG) Innovation Network (we are the 90th Y to join the network) consists of YMCAs that have made an organizational commitment to integrate diversity, inclusion and global strategies to better serve diverse and underserved populations, foster community cohesion and address social equity and inclusion issues. We are pleased that our Y continues to take active leadership in our shared work to ensure access, engagement and inclusion for all.

The advanced DIG strategies achieve the following outcomes, among others:

  • Improved cultural awareness, empathy and competencies of YMCA leaders
  • Engage, develop and support staff and volunteer leadership that both represent and can effectively and inclusively engage the diversity of the communities we serve
  • Increased engagement of historically underserved communities in the YMCA
  • Inclusive & equitable membership/program policies, services, facilities, and management practices
  • Innovative programs that advance anti-bias, global education/cross-cultural learning for youth and meet the needs of our diverse communities
  • Strengthened collaborations and partnerships between the YMCA and other community organizations
  • Strengthen global YMCA partnerships and leverage the strength of the worldwide YMCA movement toward social cohesion and compassion across divides
  • Celebrate, honor, embrace and respond to the needs of our diverse communities
  • Build bridges between diverse communities, and work towards creating greater equity for all – helping the Y to truly be ‘Center of Community’ for all

YMCA of Greensboro DIG Statement: In that Christian principles are caring and inclusive, the YMCA of Greensboro will cultivate a welcoming healthy and safe experience for all. We will foster achievement and a sense of belonging for individuals of all ages, abilities and faiths in our communities. 

To learn more about our DIG work, please visit our Community Impact webpage.