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Looking for a sport that will keep your kids active, while helping them improve a variety of skills? At the Y, we offer Youth Volleyball, a great opportunity to work on your physical health while having fun!

Volleyball is an incredibly fun aerobic way to exercise. Practicing this sport is a full-body workout proven to relieve stress, improve speed, tone muscles and maintain a healthy metabolism.

Give your kids the opportunity to experience this incredible sport and all its benefits by enrolling them in our Youth Volleyball program offered at our Spears YMCA. You can register online today!

If you want to play adult sports, visit our adult sports page.

We offer financial assistance for all programs through our Financial Assistance Program.

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Ragsdale YMCA

Ragsdale YMCA Girls Developmental Volleyball Clinic

YMCA of Greensboro and New Kids Volleyball Club of Greensboro

Age Groups and Dates
Ages 7-8, Co-ed | September 12-October 20
Ages 9-10, Co-ed | November 7-December 15
Ages 11-13, Co-ed: January 9th-February 16th

Practice Days: Monday and Thursday, 6pm-7pm

YMCA Sports Philosophy

Participants have fun, build friendships and grow skills in a safe environment. The Y believes in the potential of every child and encourages teamwork and a sense of belonging.

New Kids Volleyball's (NKVB) mission is to provide access to the sport of volleyball by targeting young girls from the ages 7-13 to help increase socialization, improve physical health, engage in community activities, and create a sense of belonging among peers. NKVB development is a person-centered program to teach the fundamentals of volleyball principles through education and developing basic skills to promote enriching experiences.


Cost: $100
Final Deadline for Registration: First Day of Practices

Register Online (Ages 7-8)
Register Online (Ages 9-10)

Register Online (Ages 11-13)

Questions? Please contact: Andrew Bryan, Ragsdale YMCA Sports Director, or call (336) 882-9622
Kelley Kelton, New Kids Volleyball Club President
Bryan Hewitt, New Kids Volleyball Club Director


Mozgai Academy

For 3rd grade girls, the Spears YMCA offers the Mozgai Academy. This is designed to introduce basic Volleyball skills to girls with limited experience. Under well-structured instructions, students learn warm-up routines, basic volleyball movements, focus on passing, serving and introduction of setting and spike approach.


Register Online

Carolina Spike Force

Carolina Spike Force is a travel volleyball club affiliated with & supported by the Spears YMCA of Greensboro, USA Volleyball Association & the Carolina Region Volleyball Association. CSF offers a reasonably priced, high-level volleyball program for youth girls. Our goal is to provide high-quality skills training in a positive environment while teaching life lessons through the club volleyball experience.


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