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Carolina Spike Force Travel Volleyball Club

Carolina Spike Force Travel Volleyball Club Carolina Spike Force Travel Volleyball Club

Building A Foundation in Volleyball and Life Skills

Carolina Spike Force (CSF) is a travel volleyball club a part of the Alex W. Spears III YMCA and is supported by the USA Volleyball Association and the Carolina Region Volleyball Association. CSF offers a reasonably priced high-level volleyball program for youth girls. Our goal is to provide high-quality skills training in a positive environment while teaching life lessons through the club volleyball experience.

For questions, please contact Cathy Sescourka or call (336) 387-9624.

Our Program

Travel teams are for the following Age Groups: U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 & U18. Depending on the amount of overall player interest, each age group will support different team levels: Legacy, Black, Teal, and White.

The levels of play have different tournaments, club fees, amount of travel and associated costs. 12U -14U Team Levels and Pricing information is coming soon.

Players must try out and based on their skill level may be invited to participate on either a Legacy, Black, Teal or White level team. The Legacy & Black divisions represent the highest skill level. 

Our season begins with tryouts in July 2023 (15U-18U) and September 2023 (12U-14U) and continues through late March/early April 2024 for Black, Teal and White levels. Legacy will have an extended tournament schedule, ending in June 2024 this club season. To determine your correct age group, please see our Age Definition Chart.


Upcoming Tournaments

  • Feb. 3: Carolina Region (12T, 12W, 16B)
  • Feb. 4: Carolina Region (13B, 13T)
  • Feb. 3-4: ACPL Greensboro (13L, 14L)
  • Feb. 10: Carolina Region (14T, 14B, 15B)
  • Feb. 17: Carolina Region (12T, 12W, 13L)
  • Feb. 17-18:
    • Charlotte AAU Grand Prix (14L, 15L, 16L, 17L)
    • K2 President Day Bash (18L)
    • Queen of the Mountain (13B, 14B, 15B, 16B)
  • Feb. 24-25: Carolina Volleyball Classic (13L, 13T, 14T)


Carolina Spike Force Volleyball

Carolina Spike Force is a travel volleyball club affiliated with & supported by the Spears YMCA of Greensboro, USA Volleyball Association & the Carolina Region Volleyball Association. CSF offers a reasonably priced high-level volleyball program for youth girls. Our goal is to provide high quality skills training in a positive environment while teaching life lessons through the club volleyball experience.

Please stay tuned for future tryout and registration information.


Spears Y offers volleyball in the Spring and Fall. It is offered for girls grade 4-12th grade. For 3rd grade girls, we offer the Mozgai Academy which is designed to introduce basic volleyball skills to girls with limited experience. Under well-structured instructions, students learn warm-up routines, basic volleyball movements, focus on passing, serving and an introduction to setting and spike approach. 

Volleyball Clinics

Carolina Spike Force hosts Middle School Clinics during August. Clinics are conducted by our Carolina Spike Force JO Volleyball Coaches. These clinics are skill-specific (passing, setting, hitting & serving) and sessions typically will last 1.5 hours. Registration is required.

Skills & Drills

Carolina Spike Force typically hosts Skills & Drills in September and October in the weeks prior to tryouts. Players will get court time with CSF coaches. Registration is required. 

Strength and Conditioning

During our regular season, Carolina Spike Force provides advanced strength and conditioning training sessions in addition to the normally scheduled practices.

Regular Season Practice

During our regular season, Carolina Spike Force provides practice 2-3 times a week depending on team level. Practices will start in early November. When tournaments start, we will adjust the Sunday schedule depending on the teams’ travel schedule.


The Spears Y began a youth volleyball developmental league in 2006 with 32 participants. Currently, there are more than 600 participants in fall and spring leagues across 3 divisions: recreational, intermediate and challenge. The Y also offers summer camps, clinics and grass volleyball tournaments.

In 2014, the Spears Y added the Carolina Spike Force Volleyball Club (CSF) to its programs. CSF was a long-time dream of the first coach, Darci Mozgai. In 2014, Darci lost her battle with liver cancer but through a gift from her estate, the CSF program was created and continues to grow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach life lessons through the sport of volleyball by providing high-level training in a positive environment that fosters our core values.

Core Value 1 | Commitment: The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity

CSF team members commit to give their best effort, put the good of the team first and always maintain a positive attitude. Coaches commit to being prepared and positive, and to inspire and encourage athletes and teams to become the best they can be. Together, we commit to working toward a common goal and define success as giving our very best effort to help our team, rather than focusing solely on our win-loss record.

Core Value 2 | Sportsmanship: Fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior by someone who is competing in a sport or other competition

CSF team members and coaches are expected to always show sportsmanship. We cannot always control whether we win or lose, but we can always control how we behave. The way we treat referees, the other team, our teammates and ourselves is a true reflection of our character. Together we will conduct ourselves with the highest level of sportsmanship and integrity and remember that we are representing ourselves, our team and our club at all times.

Core Value 3 | Fortitude: Courage in pain or adversity

CSF team members are expected to show fortitude when things are difficult or do not go their way. Coaches will help players and teams face challenges and overcome obstacles. Together we will learn from our mistakes and develop toughness in the face of adversity.

Carolina Spike Force Coach Staff

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Lauren Watson

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Khaira Bolden

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Andy Leung

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Casey Wellinsky

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Chelsea Ryan

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Alanna Johnson

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Ed Sescourka

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Cathy Sescourka

Coach, Program Coordinator
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Regina Ritter

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Christian Ritter

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Kate Lopez

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Heather Sorrell

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Zoe Whisnant

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Victoria Harper

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Pamela Harper

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Callie Shannon


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