Founded by the Community, For the Community

YMCA of Greensboro is committed to helping provide all individuals with the tools they need to live a happy, healthy life. Our work thus far has proven that lasting personal and social change comes when we all work together, and we are grateful to work side-by-side with our incredible community to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. All individuals — regardless of age, income, race, religion or circumstance — deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Y uses all resources to reach and be of service to our community. Through our branches and collaborations with community organizations, we continue to expand our services to reach underserved populations.

Strategic Plan

Our Y’s mission is our reason for being, and our Y’s vision is our determined hope for the future. More than 125 years of innovative programs and delivering transformative responses to urgent social challenges have produced and reinforced a set of basic beliefs about how and why our YMCA affects meaningful, enduring change. Our Strategic Priorities are grounded in these beliefs. Our YMCA of Greensboro 2022-2025 Strategic Plan focuses on (1) nurturing the potential for all children and teens, (2) improving community health, (3) social responsibility, and (4) organizational growth. 

YMCA of Greensboro 2022-2025 Strategic Plan (PDF)