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The Eden Family YMCA Wilkes Scholarship Fund scholarship program was established in 2003 to support and encourage Morehead High School students as they seek higher education and prepare themselves for a career and as informed citizens. The scholarship(s) shall be awarded based on financial need, character, motivation, academic record, school/community, and/or work-related activities. The number of scholarships and the amount of each scholarship awarded each year will be determined by the funds available. Our goal is to award two $1,000 scholarships each year. At least one of the scholarships may be designated for a special needs student. The final approval of the recipient(s) shall be made by the Scholarship Committee. Any student applying for this scholarship agrees to abide by the decision of this committee. 

Procedure of Applying

Complete and sign the application. Attach all required documents as noted on the application and submit paperwork to the guidance office or online by April 15 of the current year (must be turned in to the guidance office by 3:35pm). 


Any senior of J. M. Morehead High School who has been accepted for admission to an accredited 2 or 4-year college, university, or approved technical or vocational program. Each year the Wilkes Scholarship Committee will be awarding two scholarships: one for a senior and one for a senior special needs student. 

Criteria for Selection

  1. Financial Need - 50%: The student's ability to meet higher education expenses, the parent's ability to aid the student, and the number of other family members will be taken into consideration. Financial need is not limited to low-income families but will also include any family that would suffer a financial burden due to the student’s education expenses. 
  2. Character and Motivation - 20%: Setting a good example for his/her peers, maintaining a positive attitude, and exhibiting qualities of good ethical behavior will be evaluated. In addition, a student's desire and drive to further his/her education will be taken into consideration. 
  3. Academic Record - 20%: A minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0 ("C" average) is required. Course of study, honors, and awards will be considered. 
  4. School/Community/Work Related Activities - 10%: Students should report participation in school and community organizations, projects, activities, and past and present jobs, including full-time, part-time, and summer employment. 
  5. An in-person interview with the Scholarship Committee will be required of finalists. 

Distribution of Funds

The scholarship(s) will be for an amount determined by the Foundation each year and will be paid directly to the college, university, or approved training program the recipient is attending. 

The recipient must supply in writing to the Eden Family YMCA the following information before they can receive the funds. Send to the Wilkes Scholarship Fund, Eden Family YMCA, 30 1 S. Kennedy St. Eden, N.C. 27288, Attn: Wilkes Scholarship Committee 

  1. Name of the higher education institution you will be attending. 

  2. School address for mailing the payment of the scholarship. 

  3. Date the scholarship is due. 

Download Scholarship Application