The YMCA of Greensboro has a variety of special programs to help our community, from MS Water Fitness, swim lessons for those with diverse abilities and more.


Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program

This four-month program focuses on regular home self-monitoring of one’s blood pressure using proper measuring techniques, one-on-one consultations with a trained Healthy Heart Ambassador, individualized support and group-based nutrition education for better blood pressure management.

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Diabetes Prevention

The Diabetes Prevention Program helps those at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles by eating healthier, increasing physical activity and losing a modest amount of weight in order to reduce their chances of developing the disease.

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LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA is a small-group physical activity and well-being program. At the Y, we create a welcoming community in which cancer survivors can improve their strength and physical fitness, diminish the severity of therapy side effects, develop supportive relationships, and improve their quality of life.

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Moving for Better Balance

Moving for Better Balance is an evidence-based, fall-prevention program that uses the principles and movement of Tai Chi to help older adults improve balance and increase confidence for everyday activities. The program is designed to help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility and mobility through the slow and therapeutic movements of Tai Chi.

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Parkinson's Cycle

Pedaling an indoor cycle may change the life of someone with Parkinson’s disease. Our Parkinson's Cycle program focuses on improving the quality of life of Parkinson’s Disease patients and their caregivers, educating patients, caregivers and the general public and supporting research dedicated to the prevention and treatment of Parkinson's Disease.

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Walk With Ease

Walk With Ease is an evidence-based group exercise walking program for adults with, or without, arthritis. The program has been proven effective in increasing balance, strength and walking pace, reducing pain and discomfort of arthritis and/or joint pain, and more.

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Y in the Community 

The outreach of the Y isn't limited to the four walls of its locations. We reach beyond our locations to reach and meet community members where they are. Join us in the community for a variety of events and group exercise classes. 

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