Healthy Employes = Happier Employees

As the nation’s leading nonprofit committed to strengthening the community, we work side by side with corporate partners to improve the quality of life for local employees and their families by creating opportunities to get healthy, give back, and nurture a positive work environment.

Health and well-being boost employee engagement and productivity. At the Y, we know that’s important to the health of an organization and the overall health of our community. That’s why we tailor our corporate membership and wellness programs to strengthen the whole person in spirit, mind and body.

From fitness assessments to preventative health education, everything we do focuses on meeting the individual needs of each person and providing a welcoming network of support where everyone has access to the resources and encouragement they need to thrive. We offer many local companies and organizations different types of corporate membership options, as well as fitness opportunities. Many of these programs can be customized to a company’s needs. 

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*Unless specified in the company's agreement, corporate membership/discounts are only available to current full-time employees.