Providing School Supplies to Children

At the Y, we believe that every child should start the school year ready to excel. Unfortunately, there is youth in our community who start school without the supplies they need - whether that be clothes, book bags, notebooks or anything else. Bright Beginnings aims to change that. With your support, we can help each child be positioned for success.

How Bright Beginnings Works

We work with schools and search within our programs to identify children and families in need. There is no cost to a child’s family to participate. We count on the generosity of individuals, organizations and corporations, and we are determined to help 500 children with school supplies this year. But we need your help. All donations are greatly appreciated; sponsoring 10 children ($1,250) or even just one or two children at $125 each makes a difference.

We Need Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to shop with the Bright Beginnings participants.

Please check back for additional information.

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