Bright Beginnings

At the Y, we believe that every child should start the school year ready to excel. Unfortunately, there are many youth in our community who start school without the supplies they need - whether that be clothes, book bags, notebooks or anything else. Bright Beginnings aims to change that. With your support, we can help each child be positioned for success.

Want to volunteer? Contact Antoine or call 336-854-8410.

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Bright Beginnings Branch Plans


Bryan YMCA


Bryan YMCA will donate clothes and Chromebook covers to Hope Academy using the Target Wish app, with a goal of serving 60 children.

Questions? Please contact:
Bethany Williard, Membership Director, at or 336.478.9622
Tracie Heavner, Director of Diabetes Prevention Program, at or 336.478.9622




Eden YMCA will donate backpacks and school supplies to three schools. The branch has received $1,500 from United Way and the Eden Rotary Club has already donated 47 pairs of earbuds and two computer mice.

Questions? Please contact Pete Baker, Executive Director, at or 336.623.8496


Hayes-Taylor YMCA


Hayes-Taylor YMCA will partner with Washington, Simkins and Gillespie Park, with a goal of serving 150 children. The branch is in need of fundraising assistance.

Collection boxes for school supplies will be set up on the branch's front porch. Please click the link below for a list of supplies that are needed!

Hayes-Taylor YMCA Supply List for In-Person Donation Drop-Off

Questions? Please contact Monica Moore, Child Care Administrator, at or 336.272.2131


Ragsdale YMCA


Ragsdale YMCA will post parent wish lists on, with a goal of serving 200 children. The branch does not currently need assistance with funds or fundraising.

Questions? Please contact:
Stevra Hudson, Membership Director, at or 336.882.9622
Barbie Patterson, Annual Campaign Coordinator, at or 336.882.9622


Reidsville YMCA


Reidsville YMCA will work with parents to shop for school supplies online with Walmart. The branch is currently fundraising and identifying children in need.

Questions? Please contact Heather Whitsett, Group Vice President of the YMCA of Greensboro and Executive Director of the Reidsville YMCA, at or 336.342.3307


Spears YMCA


Spears YMCA will donate school supplies to Church World Services, as well as some referrals, with a goal of serving 75 children. The branch is in need of assistance with fundraising.

Questions? Please contact:
Nick Zamboni, Family Services Director, at or 336.387.9622
Beth McKinney, Wellness Director, at or 336.387.9622
Laura Brown, Aquatics Director, at or 336.387.9622


Stoney Creek YMCA


Stoney Creek YMCA is collecting book bags and school supplies to donate to McLeansville Elementary. Please click the Amazon Wish List link below for a list of supplies that are needed!

Stoney Creek YMCA Amazon Wish List

Questions? Please contact Sydney Herron, Membership Coordinator, at or 336.449.3222


How It Works

Like most everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way Bright Beginnings normally runs. But just because school is different this year doesn't mean children don't need supplies. In fact, the need this year is even greater as many families have faced job loss or reduction in hours. Before school starts, the Y invites eligible families to participate. We'll develop a wish list on Amazon and Target, and the Y (with the help of donors) will purchase these items and create back-to-school packages for families.

There is no cost to the child’s family to participate. We count on the generosity of individuals, organizations and corporations, and we are determined to help 500 children with school supplies this year. But we need your help. All donations are greatly appreciated; sponsoring 10 children ($1,500) or even just one or two children at $150 each, makes a difference.

Contact Jen Criscuolo with any questions at 336.854.8410.