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Throwing You the Ball

Join the Y's flag football team and we will throw you the ball! Help your child develop skills, teamwork and confidence, all while engaging in healthy competition through Y sports leagues. The Y offers youth sports with a focus on character development. Y sports leagues provide a perfect opportunity to be active and social and reconnect with friends in the sport they love.

Instructors and Coaches - often volunteers and many parents - model fairness and hard work while emphasizing teamwork, cooperation, and developing good values in our sports programs. We are always looking for volunteer coaches that will recognize achievements large and small and understand that winning is not just about the score. By playing sports, kids and their families feel a sense of belonging that comes from a community gathering together to cheer on their team.

If you want to play adult sports, visit our adult sports page.

We offer financial assistance for all programs through our Financial Assistance Program.

Registration will begin on June 26, 2023. Please check back at that time.

Flag Football is a fun non-physical approach to the game of football, designed so that the players can enjoy football without worrying about injuring themselves due to contact.

Being part of the Youth Flag Football program will help your kid develop teamwork skills while improving their physical health. Compared to some other sports, flag football does not require much experience, flag football can be played by anyone. 

If you want your kids to stay active, improve their communication skills and all in a contact-less, safe way, this is the sport for them! Enroll your kids in a local Greensboro, NC youth flag football league today!