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YGUARD is a rigorous 40 hour class for ages 16 and up.

During this class, participants will learn life-saving rescue skills for an aquatic environment. Once a participant passes the class, and passes the skills and written test, they will be certified as a YMCA Lifeguard for 2 years and can lifeguard at any YMCA and most other facilities (certification requirements may vary at each location).

At the end of class, you will receive certifications for:
YMCA Lifeguard - valid for 2 years
CPR for the Professional Rescuer/AED - valid for 1 year
First Aid - valid for 2 years
Oxygen Administration - valid for 2 years

Class registration also includes fanny pack, CPR mask and whistle with lanyard.

If you drop out, miss class, or cannot pass the written exams or in-water skills for any reason, your money will not be refunded.


All participants must complete the Physical Competency Swim prior to registering for the class. This test can be completed by scheduling an appointment with the branch aquatics director. Click here to view Physical Competency Swim requirements.

Participants must be 16 years of age or older to attend class. All participants will be required to complete 8 hours of online training prior to the course.

You must attend all classes, receive 80% or better on all written exams, successfully perform all practical skills, successfully demonstrate strength and maturity to be a YMCA lifeguard to prevent accidents and also respond to emergencies through classroom and pool scenarios.

Additional Information: Bring a swimsuit, towel, pen, paper and any food you wish to eat during training.


Association training is currently taking place at our Ragsdale YMCA. Check out the details below!

March 2021:
Tuesday, March 23rd 5pm-9pm
Wednesday, March 24th 6:30pm-9:30pm
Thursday, March 25th 5pm-9pm
Friday, March 26th 5pm-9pm
Sunday, March 27th 1pm-6pm
Monday, March 29th 5pm-9pm
Tuesday, March 30th 5pm-9pm

April 2021:
Saturday, April 24th 1pm-9pm
Monday, April 26th 5pm-9pm
Tuesday, April 27th 5pm-9pm
Wednesday, April 28th 5pm-9pm
Thursday, April 29th 5pm-9pm
Friday, April 30th 5pm-9pm

$250 for Members
$300 for Potential Members

Includes: YMCA Lifeguard, ASHI CPR-PR, First Aid and O2 Administration Certification, CPR mask, fanny pack, Whistle w/lanyard and On the guard: The YMCA Lifeguard Manual, Edition 5.

Registration Information
There must be a minimum of 4 participants to run the class. A max of 6 will be allowed to register.

Email Justine to register.

Branch Contacts

Bryan Family YMCA: Clay Dorman, 336.478.9622
Eden YMCA: Chris Carter336.623.8496
Hayes-Taylor YMCA: Clay Dorman, 336.272.2131
Ragsdale YMCA: Justine Intiso, 336.882.9622
Reidsville YMCA: Cassy Velarde, 336.342.3307
Spears YMCA: Laura Brown, 336.387.9625