Many hands all together.

"The Y has been steadfast throughout our life in Greensboro. My husband suffers from PTSD and is a disabled vet. The Y has been there for us through a lot. He went to school and had the Y, I homeschool 2 out of 3 of our kids, and the Y has been there. Now I'm in school and the constant throughout has been the Y. Thank you sincerely."


Word of Wisdom From Some Veterans

“In 1971, I enlisted in the United States Air Force in air operations. By doing this, I was provided the training necessary to have a good career in air traffic control upon being discharged. Being in the Air Force, you learn a lot of things. Two main lessons that I got out of it were respect for the chain of command and the importance of being a part of a team.” -Kevin Harrington, U.S. Air Force 1971-1975

“I did ROTC to be able to afford college/nursing school. When I went to basic training it was the first time I had ever been on a plane and more than a few hundred miles from my house (I went to California and lived in NY).  I served 13 years in the Navy Reserves attached to Naval Hospital Bethesda. The biggest lesson I learned was the importance of teamwork - there is no “I” in teamwork!” -Susan Letvak, Navy 1984-1997

“When I was in high school, I joined the ROTC. While participating in the program, I grew a love of discipline, instruction and the leadership. Because of this, I joined the motor transport logistics section of the Army in 1986. During my time serving, I also learned important leadership and teamwork skills, in addition to compassion and just overall love for our country and the people in it. When you have a change in perspective, you’ll change your life and really see the value that everyone has.” -Donnell Seyni Army, 1986-1993

"I joined the Navy Reserves when I was in High School. In 1951, I was at Wake Forest University on a football scholarship. It was then that my whole unit was called to active duty. Following course school in Bainbridge, MD, I was lucky to be able to choose to work at the Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital. I was there until I was discharged in June of 1953. I was a few weeks shy of being sent to Korea with my buddies."  -Bob Talley, Navy, 1951-1953