Two women smile at each other as they attend an exercise class.

Work Out with a Partner for Added Benefits

If you're feeling like you're hitting a rut at the gym, consider switching up your routine by bringing a spouse, friend or coworker to the gym with you! Working out with a partner provides a variety of benefits, pushing you to give your workout everything you've got. Keep reading to find out why bringing a buddy to your workouts can elevate your fitness routine in more ways than one.

They'll keep you accountable.

Working out with a partner helps keep you accountable. It’s hard to skip the gym when you have someone waiting on you.

They'll push you.

You have someone who can push you to do that extra pull-up or stay on that treadmill for an extra 5 minutes.  By having someone with you, you're more motivated to go the extra mile.

You'll achieve your healthiest self - together!

By working out together, you are both working toward a common goal - being your healthiest self!

It's more fun!

Going to the gym isn't always at the top of the list when it comes to an exciting activity, but doing it with a friend instantly makes it a more social activity.

You'll get to spend quality time together.

By visiting the gym, you are spending time with your partner, outside of your home and away from your couch!

It makes workouts seem easier.

What better way to distract yourself from a tough set of crunches or sprints than laughing your way through it with a friend? Having someone else along for the ride means you can focus on something other than yourself - before you know it, your workout routine will be complete!

Haven't found a workout partner yet? Try a group exercise class to find a fellow fit friend.