Swarmy throwing YMCA tshirts to the crowd at Greensboro Swarm basketball game.

YMCA-Themed Jersey Night with the Greensboro Swarm was full of fun and supported the Y’s financial assistance program! 

Were you at the YMCA-themed jersey night at the Greensboro Swarm game? If you weren’t, you missed out! But we won’t make you feel too bad.  

On Friday, February 25, 2022, the YMCA had a Y Night at the Greensboro Swarm game that showcased YMCA-themed jerseys worn by players, a raffle of various Y programs, t-shirt giveaway, kids’ game of knockout and numerous recognitions throughout the evening. The Greensboro Swarm played an enthusiastic game against the Raptors 905 team from Mississauga, Ontario. Although the Greensboro Swarm did not win the game, with a final score of 130-115, everyone came out and had a blast!  

Lines filled with people eager to learn more information about the programs, receive a free t-shirt and pose in the Y and Swarm photo booth. With the support from the community and Y friends, more than $3,000 was raised in the YMCA-themed jersey online auction and an additional $500 through ticket sale donations! You read that right — $3,000! The funds raised through the auction and game will support our annual campaign that provides financial assistance for community members to participate in youth programs, swim lessons, wellness activities and memberships. To put it into perspective — that’s 40 kids who can now participate in a youth sport, 23 kids who can have fun at a week of summer camp or 7 seniors who have the opportunity to socialize with others and participate in Y programs. Wow!  

Even if funds weren’t raised at the Swarm game, just seeing the crowd smiling, laughing and doing the YMCA dance was enough for us! Greensboro Swarm’s mascot Swarmy hyped the crowd and provided fun entertainment for kids. At the Y and Swarm photo area kids had the chance to meet Swarmy and take pictures with props.  

To build on the energy of the evening, the Y and Swarm recognized several groups and individuals throughout the game. In the second quarter, afterschool participants as well as current and previous ball kids were recognized by standing and performing the YMCA dance with Y staff or participating in a knockout game. During halftime, Greensboro Swarm thanked the YMCA of Greensboro for being a 5-year partner by presenting Rhonda Anderson, President and CEO of YMCA of Greensboro, and Todd Rangel, Chief Volunteer Officer, with a custom team jersey. To conclude the evening, Anderson presented Karen Jeffries with the YUSA DIG Legacy Champion Award.

The evening was given all 5-stars in our books! We experienced a night of high energy and family fun. From how the Greensboro Swarm team engaged with the crowd to activities from start to finish, the Y Night at the Swarm game was the place to be! You don’t want to miss this again next year.  

Thank you to all of our supporters, friends, family, staff and partners for making this night possible!  

Published: March 7, 2022