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Reidsville YMCA Summer Camp

The Y wants to create a safe, inclusive and nurturing space for all, and that includes our summer camps. We aim to have every child feel welcomed and included while having fun at all our summer camp offerings. As this year’s summer camp season kicks off, we want to share a member’s story about how she found a welcoming community at one of the YMCA of Greensboro branches and its summer camp.

Martha Jaramillo, a single mother of four children, found a safe place for her whole family after arriving in the United States. Two of her children attended our Reidsville Family YMCA summer camp. “I have so many dreams for my family here in the United States. Thanks to the YMCA my two younger children had a summer of a lifetime,” said Ms. Jaramillo. From adapting to a new culture to learning a new language, moving to a different country can be challenging for anyone. At the Y we want to make this transition smooth for all families and individuals, making them feel welcome at all our branches and programs, as well as offering financial assistance for those who are financially burdened. 

Offered at nearly all YMCA of Greensboro locations, camp provides children with an amazing experience and the opportunity to build lifelong connections. From our specialty camps to sports camps, summer day camps, or overnight camp, there is something for every child. 

”Not only did my younger children have a great time, but this experience also provided them with many valuable opportunities to learn, make new friends, and travel to new places,” said Ms. Jaramillo. “Without the scholarships given by the YMCA, I could not have afforded to provide this wonderful experience for them.”

Whether your children are joining this year’s Y summer camps or wish to attend in the future, we hope every child has the same positive impact and experience as Ms. Jaramillo’s children did. “My children will always remember this exciting summer as well as I along with the generosities of the YMCA and its staff. Thank you very much to all who make this possible for my family and me,” said Ms. Jaramillo. 

Welcome to the Y summer camps, a place for all!

Published on June 6, 2022