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2021 YMCA of Greensboro Highlights

The YMCA of Greensboro’s heart lies within the community and serving its community members. From food drives and community group fitness classes to building up the next generation through sports and enrichment activities, the YMCA of Greensboro continuously provides services throughout Guilford County and Rockingham County in North Carolina. Our highlights below are by no means a complete picture of how we serve our current and future members, youth, families, seniors, partners and community, but it will provide a bird’s eye view of how the Y is moving the goalpost and innovatively questioning the status quo. Let’s a moment and reflect on what we have accomplished in 2021 and what is yet to come. Here’s to another wonderful year — watch out, 2022, here we come!


  • 11,821 new members joined the Y in 2021!
  • Hosted seven 8:46 Series free and open to the public webinars/panels in collaboration with NCCJ.
  • Partnered with the Greensboro Swarm for a Holiday Shopping Spree that provided gifts to 16 Y kids totally nearly $2,000 worth of gifts.
  • Received funds from POOLCORP to provide Safety Around Water lessons for more than 1,000 children that will launch in 2022!
  • Raised more than $700,000 in donations throughout the association to provide financial assistance to individuals for Y programs, activities and memberships!

Bryan YMCA

  • Bryan YMCA sports had one of the best years in almost 10 years with record-high program participation! 
  • Offered afterschool programs and virtual learning opportunities for families.
  • Offered free lifeguard courses to increase the number of lifeguards and youth skills with a total of eight participants.
  • Offered a Women Only Modesty Swim in collaboration with The International Advisory Committee (IAC) from the City of Greensboro and had 34 women who participated.
  • More than 12,800 participants in group exercise classes in 2021!
  • Partnered with Greensboro College, Bennett College, and Action Greensboro by offering group exercise classes to their communities.  
  • Bryan YMCA hosted 11 blood drives with American Red Cross and One Blood
  • Hosted a Food Drive for Greensboro Urban Ministry that generated 548 pounds of food!


  • Held multiple blood drives during the year.
  • Held Fellowship meals that were free and open to the community.
  • Volunteers from our YMCA's Spirit Fit program helped hand out food in the community through Cormii group.
  • Collected food and canned goods for a local food bank.

Hayes-Taylor YMCA

  • Raised more than $137,000 for the annual campaign that provides financial assistance for programming and activities for individuals within the community.
  • Served 120 Families through the annual Angel Tree.
  • Provided turkey Thanksgiving dinners for 30 families!
  • 65 children shopped with Bright Beginnings.
  • Assisted the Greensboro Aquatics Center with the 2nd grader swim program and taught more than 75 children how to swim!
  • Donated more than 2,500 pounds of food to Greensboro Urban Ministry.
  • Helped distribute more than 2,500 boxes of food to the community through the facility.
  • Partnered with Old North Medical Society to provide an on-site mobile COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinic. 

Ragsdale YMCA

  • Began the Quad F program for adults on the autism spectrum or with social challenges.
  • Offered more than 10,000 swim lessons between our private, group and diverse ability lessons!
  • Annual Reindeer Romp raised a net of $11,500 that contributed toward the Annual Giving Campaign that provides programming financial assistance to those in need.
  • Served 116 local children through the Annual Angel Tree.
  • Raised more than $22,000 for Kim McKone’s Endowment in honor of her life!
  • Bright Beginnings served 217 children within the community!

Reidsville YMCA

  • Celebrated its 50th anniversary of serving the community!
  • Youth sports programming returns with a high number of participants.
  • Fall soccer boasted in participation of more than 230, which is the most participants since 2016!
  • Added two new summer sports camps — volleyball and wrestling.
  • Turkey Trot 5k had more runners than 2019 and had record-high sponsorships!
  • Launched a new group exercise class, Barre.
  • One of our members went from walking with a cane to completing the Turkey Trot 5k!

Spears YMCA

  • Provider referral exercise program (PREP) had 78 participants complete the program in 2021 and experienced a total loss of 196.3 pounds and 89.7 inches!
  • 50 children participated in the Bright Beginnings back to school shopping program.
  • Provided virtual school to 120 children throughout the year.
  • Transitioned seven full-time staff members into new or promoted positions!

Stoney Creek YMCA

  • In June 2021, Stoney Creek Y became a host site for Red Cross Blood Drives.
  • Began a Community Aerobics Series that offers classes like Zumba, HIIT, Yoga and Active Adult Fitness in the town of Gibsonville and Whitsett.  
  • Hosted a First Responders and Veterans Day luncheon that feed more than 60 members of our community!
  • Held clothing and school supplies drive to serve Gibsonville, Sedalia, and McLeansville Elementary Schools.
  • Collected 101 toys that were donated to Toys for Tots!
  • Raised 1,000 pounds of cat and dog food for the Sparkle Cat Rescue and Burlington Animal Shelter.

YMCA Camp Weaver

  • Nearly 1,500 total participants in summer camp and mini camps.
  • Experienced the highest-demand summer yet with large waiting lists.
  • Guilford County Family Justice Center hosted its Camp Hope program, a national program, that served 40 kids in 2021!
  • Operated safely throughout the summer and only had one COVID-19 case.
  • Provided out-of-school programs for kids in remote learning to provide assistance to families.


The YMCA of Greensboro and its seven branches and overnight resident camp is always looking for opportunities to serve and connect with its community, but we couldn’t do what we do without the generous support of our donors, members, partners and community! Being a mission-driven organization is a heavy undertaking, but we are up for the task. If you would like to contribute to the cause, please consider donating today. If the Y has impacted your life in any way, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out our Y Stories form or contact us at

Published: January 24, 2022