Tip: Don’t avoid fat in your food – choose healthy fats that nourish you, support your health and comfort you through the cold days of winter. By the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group Decades of dietary advice recommending a low-fat diet has left many of us thinking fat is “bad.” In truth, fat is an essential part of your diet that plays an important role in your body’s functions. Instead of avoiding fat, learn which fats help you thrive and which ones lead to disease. With healthy fats in your diet, you can have your comfort food and nourish yourself at the same time! Benefits of Dietary Fat Fat is an essential part of a balanced diet that is needed to keep your body healthy and functioning properly. Dietary fat:

  • Helps absorb vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as antioxidants like carotenoids and lycopene – you get more nourishment from vegetables when you eat them with fat
  • Helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Is an important building block for cell membranes
  • Helps keep hair, skin and nails from becoming brittle and dry
  • Helps you feel full and satisfied after a meal, which may limit overeating
  • Improves the flavor of food
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