girl at swimming lessons

We are grateful to have a positive impact, especially on families in our community who are in times of hardship. The Y aims to be a beacon of hope for all. If you're going through a rough patch, whether it is in the areas of mental health, wellness, or financial – we want to be there for you. 

Marilyn Bernabe is an Eden Y member and she expresses how grateful she is for having the Y by her side during a difficult time in her life. “I am grateful and thankful for our local YMCA because of the scholarship opportunities. A membership is something our family is not able to afford because of the childcare crisis, so only one of us can work at the moment,” said Marilyn. Thanks to financial assistance supported by our Annual Campaign, her four year old daughter can still enjoy making new friends, learning new skills and gaining confidence through attending sports and swimming at the Y. “It brings me great joy to watch my baby girl be so excited about soccer and swimming. She is learning skills that will allow her to continue an active healthy lifestyle,” said Marilyn.

Without the support of our donors, many children wouldn’t have the opportunity to access Y services and programs like sports, summer camps or swimming lessons. 

“These are opportunities I didn't have growing up as a child and it warms my heart that, that is not the case with my girls. If our local YMCA was not available my girls would be missing out on interacting with other children their age and also being able to learn the variety of sports offered at the Y,” said Marylin. 

If you are experiencing a hardship, lean on the Y. We are here for you! Just like Marilyn, you too can find joy through difficult times. “Thank you to all the YMCA team because I think every family has their struggles in life, but as a parent as I sit and watch my child laugh and enjoy herself I am reminded to appreciate these special moments,” said Marylin.

Through the Annual Giving Campaign, the Y provides Financial Assistance to families throughout Greensboro, NC, and Jamestown, Reidsville and Eden. Learn more about our Annual Giving Campaign that makes stories like this possible. 

Published on April 9, 2024