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A boy wearing a riding helmet smiles at the camera. He is standing beside a horse.

Below is one member's story about how summer camp at the Y helped her family recover from loss, as well as the positive impact YMCA Camp Weaver has had on her children.


"My children attended camp last summer and had the best time of their lives.

I am very grateful for the programs the YMCA offers to our children and the values they teach! For my kids, camp is a home away from home. I know camp is a safe, nurturing environment where children of all ages can thrive.

My family has had a rough past two months as we recently lost our uncle, and also my husband and I have separated. I also lost my job in April and have a tremendous reduction in my income. My children are confused and going through a lot. I know they greatly benefit from Camp — where they feel safe, can have fun, explore and unwind, escaping the pressure of everyday life."

Thank you for sharing this story with us, Colleen! We're so glad that you're a part of our Y family.


Locations: YMCA Camp Weaver
Category: Y Stories