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Mobilizing for Good

All individuals - regardless of age, income, race, religion or circumstance - deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

The coronavirus outbreak has created enormous uncertainty for us all, but how we respond is within our control. As soon as it became apparent that our Y needed to change course to support our community, we did. Our teams immediately mobilized to explore ways to support you and our community. By continuing to be a part of our Y, you’re helping us deploy and expand these resources and services.


  • Food Distribution to Those in Need – We worked with schools to distribute food to children and families in need. Especially while schools were closed, many families lost a reliable source of meals.
  • Child Care for Essential Personnel – We worked with community leaders to provide child care options for those who need it most - our first responders, medical staff and other essential personnel. 
  • Senior Support – We are reaching out to the senior members in our area to offer support, as these individuals are more likely to suffer from isolation.
  • Family Resources – With school closures, families were adjusting to a new normal. It can be overwhelming to contemplate what to do with all this new-found time. To help, we're staying connected with our pre-K parents, providing activities to do at home and tips on how to stay engaged with their children. Plus, we’ve leveraged resources across the state to compile options for all families. You can access those resources here.
  • Virtual Group Exercise Classes – We continue to share resources to keep our members and participants socially distant but together. You can visit the Virtual YMCA here.
  • Wi-Fi Access - To help families who may not have access to the Internet at home, we offered the use of some of our parking lots as Wi-Fi hotspots during select hours so that families can complete work or homework assignments and connect with others virtually.

There is much more work ahead for our Y. We’re in this together, and together, we’ll emerge stronger.

To learn how you can get involved and support the Y, visit this page.

Click here to learn more about our community impact.