Accurate Body Scans to Customize Your Fitness Experience.

The YMCA of Greensboro is now offering Fit3D! Fit3D is a body scanning machine that uses infrared cameras to take a 360-degree picture of your body. Once this scan is complete, Fit3D generates a 3D image of your body that helps you track your body shape as well as accurate and precise body composition results. 

With a single scan, you’ll receive a complete body assessment and a 3D visualization of your body. You'll receive a personalized report detailing precise body measurements, your weight, body fat percentage, and more! You can track changes in your body shape like never before. The scan takes less than 3 minutes.

Through Fit3D scanning, you can track your weekly, monthly, and yearly progress as you work toward your fitness goals! See your body change right before your eyes! 

Fit3D is available at the Bryan Y and Ragsdale Y.

Purchasing Fit3D Scans

Purchase your Fit3D scans by using the buttons below! Choose from a single scan for $25 or 5 scans for $100.

Bryan Single Scan    Bryan Five Scans

Ragsdale Single Scan    Ragsdale Five Scans