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Pool parties, gym rentals, baby showers and more!

We'd love to host you and your guests. Pricing, availability and policies vary based on the location. Check out our facilities below for more details or contact information.

Bryan YMCA

Bryan YMCA is not currently accepting any new rental requests. We apologize for the inconvenience!


Cost: $125 Members or $150 for Non-Members

When: Saturdays from 12pm-2pm. 1 hour to swim and 30 minutes for refreshments. 30 minutes is allotted before and after for room set up and clean up, which the renter is responsible for.

Details: Max of 15 people, all those in attendance will be counted in the 30 maximum. Swim time is private. Children under 48 inches tall must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the pool within arms reach at all times. All participants must follow the Eden Y pool rules.

Please contact the front desk 336.623.8496 to make your reservation.

Hayes-Taylor YMCA

To host an event at the Hayes-Taylor YMCA:

  • There is a $25 non-refundable deposit to hold a date and time.

  • Payment and contract must be received no later than one (1) week prior to the event. If not, the $25 deposit is forfeited.

  • All swimmers under the age of 13 will be swim tested and must follow the Swim Test Policies and Procedures.

  • Please contact Clay Dorman at 336.272.2131 to make your reservation.

Swim Party Package:

Pool party fee includes: 30 minutes for set-up/clean-up, lifeguard, use of pool & water features, and Intergenerational Room for cake & punch. Party is for max of 30 swimmers. Swim time is shared with open swim. All swimmers under the age of 13 will be swim tested and must follow the Swim Test Policies and Procedures. Parties scheduled in 2-hour blocks. 1 hour of swim and 1 hour of refreshments.

Cost: $250 for Members or $350 for Potential Members.


Ragsdale YMCA

Room Rentals

Day/Time: Sunday 1:30pm-4:30pm
Cost: $175 for Members; $225 for Potential Members. Fee includes a $50 deposit.

All room rentals include a table and chairs.

Please contact Justine Intiso at [email protected] or 336.882.9622 to make your reservation.

Reidsville YMCA

The Reidsville YMCA welcomes groups to rent our facilities for various events such as birthday parties, baptisms, and meetings.

*Rental must be approved by the Program Director before scheduled.

Swimming Pool

YMCA Members—$50 per hour (25 swimmer max)

Non Members—$70 per hour (25 swimmers max)

Outside Operating Hours:

YMCA Members—$80 per hour (50 swimmers max)

Non Members—$100 per hour (50 swimmers max)

**Price is per 20 swimmers.**

Basketball Gym

YMCA Members—$50 per hour

Non Members—$70 per hour

**Gym rentals are only available for a half court of the gym during regular business hours**

**Maximum of 4 tables and 32 chairs can be used**

BB&T Room

YMCA Members—$60 per hour

Non Members—$80 per hour

**Price includes staff assistance for set up/break down, kitchen use, and rental of tables and chairs**

Additional Rental Options

Church Baptisms $20 per half hour for up to 15 people. Each additional person -$2 per person

Patio and Playground Rental can be added on to a rental package for $20 (Y members), $40 (Non-Members)

Conference Room Meeting Space (maximum of 8 attendees) $20 per hour (Y members), $40 per hour (Non-Members)

Energy Factory: $30/hr Y members, $50/hr non member. Available during business hours Saturday/Sunday only.

Rental Request Form

Spears YMCA

To host an event at the Spears YMCA:

You must request and secure a day/time with the Spears YMCA Aquatics Director and then make the full payment before the date will be reserved. Please contact Laura Brown at 336.387.9622 to start planning your event.

$25 for an additional 30-minutes of swim time

$10 for an additional 1-hour of room rental

Cost: $150 for Members or $200 for Potential Members

Pool Party Package:

Use of the room for two hours.

Room choice is based off availability but will be either Childwatch 2 or Gator Conference Room.

You will have 30-minutes on either side of the two-hour block for setup/clean-up. First hour is for swim time with a max of 30 swimmers regardless of age. Swim time is shared with open swim.

All swimmers age 5-12 will be swim tested and must follow the Swim Test Policies and Procedures. All children under 5 must have parent in the water and in arms reach. Children may arrive 15-minutes prior to the pool party to receive their swim test. They will be asked to sit on the bleachers until their swim time begins. See Swim Test Policies and Procedures on reverse side of sheet.

Pool Party Agreement Form