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Nutrition Consultation by Registered Dietician

Healthy living consists of many different elements — one being nutrition. Ragsdale YMCA now offers nutrition counseling by registered dietician Megan Kraskouskas. With the ability to work with clients remotely through Zoom or in-person, Megan offers individualized consultations and diet plans to suit every your needs. Take advantage of expert, personalized diet consultation right in Jamestown, NC!

Cost: Four, 30-minute sessions for $150, via Zoom or in-person

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A portrait of Megan Kraskouskas, a registered dietician affiliated with the Ragsdale YMCA. She is wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.



About Megan Kraskouskas

I have been a registered dietitian for nine years. Most of my work experience has been as an outpatient dietitian with a focus on weight loss, diabetes management and general nutrition.

I was drawn to nutrition because of my love for health and how food plays a factor in our health and well-being. I do not personally adhere to or promote any particular diet with a name. There is no one diet that works for everyone. Everyone is an individual and has unique dietary preferences, medical concerns, constraints on time, nutrition goals and so on. My nutrition counseling is personalized; I consider the whole person and how they can incorporate sustainable nutrition changes into their daily routines.

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