YMCA of Greensboro Restroom/Locker Room Policy

The YMCA of Greensboro has zero tolerance for abuse and will not tolerate the mistreatment or abuse of participants in its programs. Any mistreatment or abuse by an employee, volunteer, YMCA member or community guest will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of membership, employment or volunteer service and cooperation with law enforcement.

The YMCA of Greensboro is committed to providing all youth participants and members with a safe environment. To ensure that we maintain a safe environment and protect youth program participants and YMCA members from potential abuse or allegations of abuse we require that all restrooms and locker rooms be cleared of members or community guests before youth program participants are able to enter and use the restrooms or locker rooms.

While childcare participants are using the restroom or locker room, YMCA members and community guests will be required to wait to use the occupied restroom or locker room or use another restroom or locker room in the facility. YMCA members and community guests are able to occupy the restroom or locker room after all youth program participants are finished and have exited.

YMCA of Greensboro is also focused on being open to all, with safety first and foremost. We allow individuals to use the restroom or locker room in which they identify with.