Whitley grew up in the Y. It's where she played sports and learned to swim. Her children have grown up here, too! She's a part of our Y family. So this summer, when she was in desperate need of a helping hand, she turned to us.

Most of the time, Whitley takes care of everyone else. She works to support her family, nurtures her two children, cares for her grandfather who recently had a stroke, and cares for her grandmother who has an amputated leg. At the same time, she's striving to better her family’s life by attending nursing school full-time. When she looked at the costs of childcare for the upcoming summer, the math just didn’t add up. She was going to have to work more hours to be able to afford childcare - and quit nursing school. She was heartbroken. 

Then, Whitley heard about the Y’s financial assistance program. Though she applied, she wasn't sure what to expect. When she received the letter approving her for assistance, she broke down in tears. Being able to continue with school in the summer meant she could stay in the year-round nursing program, bringing her closer to her dream. It meant she was closer to achieving her goals and making her family more financially secure.

“Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true. I can’t wait until one day I am in your shoes, until I can give back to make someone else’s dream come true.” - Whitley