“After being a member for a couple of years, I got myself a Personal Trainer from the Y by the name of Sarah Martin Ward. Sarah trained me well, but it was extremely hard. In my mind, I would be like, this little lady is a beast. As I poured down with sweat and my body quivered in weakness, Sarah would say "YOU CAN DO IT, YOU'RE STRONG"!  Little did we know that she was preparing me for the fight of my life. About three months after training, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer seemed to be a bigger beast than Personal Training. There were many difficult days, and some days I wondered if I would see the next one. It was at my weakest hours that my loving husband would often remind me "SARAH SAYS YOU'RE STRONG". I would close my eyes and I could hear her voice saying softly, "you can do it, you're strong". As it turned out, Sarah and I are a bigger beast than cancer. Thanks Sarah, we did it! We beat cancer!”