Welcoming Week 2020

A diverse group of women smile at the camera.


September 12-20, 2020

We believe our communities are stronger when everyone feels welcome and we work together for the common good. Created by YMCA of the USA's national partner Welcoming America, Welcoming Week, which takes place each year in September, celebrates the growing movement of communities that fully embrace newcomer immigrants. It's a chance for neighbors - both immigrants and U.S.-born residents - to get to know one another and celebrate what unites us as a community!

During Welcoming Week, the YMCA of Greensboro and other businesses, non-profits, social services, agencies and community organizations will host events to:

  • Celebrate the diversity of our communities
  • Bring together newcomers and long-standing residents to build mutual understanding
  • Stand in solidarity with vulnerable communities
  • Help communities move beyond divisiveness and fragmentation

The Y is committed to helping all individuals, including newcomers, access the support and resources needed to reach their full potential. We believe that communities are at their strongest when everyone has an opportunity to contribute and work together on a shared vision for the future.

Visit our Welcoming Week page to learn more and find out how you can participate!