Social Justice Camp for Teens

A young man waering headphones smiles as he writes notes while looking at his laptop.


Where: Online!
When: July 20-26
Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm

Join us as the Achievers Program hosts a Virtual Camp for teens! Registration fee is $25.00. Registration is required to participate.

The purpose of Advocacy in Action is to provide youth in grades 9-12 a comprehensive hands-on advocacy and leadership experience. The mission of our camp is to amplify the voice of the youth and equip them with the skills to be productive citizens engaged in building community.

During this experience, youth will utilize critical thinking, research and organizing skills to develop a plan of action for their personal advocacy cause. They will also interact with their elected officials, community organizers and other teens who are making a change. The camp will end with a video project.

Financial assistance is available for this program. Contact

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