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Childcare at the Y (summer camps, School Days +, after-school, etc.) will still be fun and engaging, but it will look a little different than previous years! We will incorporate programming and protocol updates as we work to keep youth and staff safe from COVID-19.


● All branches will operate a drop off/pick up protocol to limit families coming into the building. Look for signage about these locations. 

● A temperature and visual wellness check will be conducted at drop-off. Parents should expect to answer a health screening questionnaire each week and will be expected to alert camp staff if any answers change throughout the week of camp.

● Child drop-off ends at 9:00am. Late drop-off is only permitted with advance notice for Dr. visits and child must have a Dr. note. 

● Child pick-up starts at 4:00pm. Early pick-up must be communicated to staff in advance. If a child is picked up early, they must remain with their parent or guardian for the remainder of the day. 


● Field trips will be updated to eliminate visiting crowded, indoor public places, and all large assemblies and gatherings are canceled.

● Common areas are cleaned and disinfected after use.

● Activities will be fun and designed to keep children safe and physically distanced.


● Children eat meals in designated separate spaces, when possible.

● Meals eaten in common areas are at staggered times to allow for sanitation between groups.

● We require children to bring a refillable water bottle daily. 


● Members in the facilities are not permitted to interact with children or use the same spaces.

● Staff and children will wear masks at all times. A face covering will be provided to your child if they need one. 

● When feasible, leaders will be designated to a specific group for the entire summer and limit contact with youth and leaders from other groups.

● A designated leader will conduct cleaning and disinfection of equipment throughout the day and after each group leaves a common area.

● A designated period for cleaning and sanitizing will be conducted at least one time per day and disinfecting of spaces at the end of each day.

● Each group can have designated equipment that is disinfected daily. 


● Hand washing will be the primary source of hand hygiene. If unavailable, children will use hand sanitization solutions.

● Children will wash their hands upon entry into the building, before and after meals, after using supplies, and at other times throughout the day.

● Sick children are to remain at home.

● Sick staff and children remain at home and can return with a physician's note or when they are symptom-free for at least 10 days.


A designated place will be identified for sick children that allows for supervision at a 6-foot distance. If tolerated, the sick child will wear a mask and the supervising leader will wear a mask.

● If a child or staff member becomes sick, any areas in which they spent time is closed for 24 hours and disinfected. If a child tests positive for COVID-19, the child, their siblings, the other children in that group and staff in that group must quarantine for 14 days. Everyone in the group must quarantine for 14 days even if they have a negative COVID test. NOTE: People who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 are not required to quarantine if they have been fully vaccinated against the disease and show no symptoms. The definition of “fully vaccinated” is two weeks after the second vaccine dose (or first and only dose of J&J) has been received. Proof of vaccination will be required.