Y Stories - A 'Thank You'

A senior woman with glasses exercises with a pair of small pink hand weights.

"To know the real value that a service provides you, let COVID-19 sneak in and have it removed. Over the Spring and Summer, we discovered just how much we missed the Reidsville Family Y when the opportunity to attend was taken from us. 

It was horrible! 
The benefits of working out, sure, they were missed as expected, and with a little ingenuity we found ways to compensate, somewhat, for the absence of that wonderful benchpress, the irreplaceable stomach crunch machine and, yes, that formidable treadmill! So when a partial re-opening took place here, we realized quickly that the Y was, and is, more than machines and dumbbells. It's the kind, professional staff there, the ones who regularly fix broken things -- including us! It's those who work in the shadows -- while we're pausing between sets to catch up with sweaty friends on the news -- who keep things running, clean and in order. Did I miss the Y? Yep, like crazy. Am I glad that they've reopened?
In ways you cannot know!"
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