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A woman sitting outdoors in a relaxed yoga pose. Her eyes are closed.

21 Days of Yoga
Free Wellness Challenge

Cost: Free
Dates: September 1-30

Join us for 21 Days of Yoga! This challenge is about more than doing yoga for 21 days — it represents a personal commitment. It can often be easier to find time for work, family, and friends than to make time for ourselves. This free wellness challenge offers you structure, helping you create time to nurture yourself each day!

Click here to view a calendar that lists each branch's yoga classes during the month of September.

To support you on your journey, we are offering specialty yoga clinics:

Pelvic Floor Yoga | Cost: $25 | September 18, 3-5pm | Register Online

Yoga Outside the Lines | Cost: $25 | September 25, 1-3pm | Register Online

Natural Movement Yoga Workshop | Cost: $10 Member, $15 Community Guest | September 24, 12pm-1:30pm | Register Online