GCY Swim Team

The Greensboro Community YMCA (GCY) offers multi-level competitive program, for children ages 5-18, that stress individual improvement in both skills and achievements while learning to train and compete as a member of a team that lives by the YMCA core values: Honesty, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, and Faith.

Whether your goal is to compete on a national and international level or you want to play for fun, and take advantage of an opportunity to stay in shape and meet new friends, the Greensboro Community YMCA is the place for you. GCY is a competitive swim team for swimmers ages 5-18.

GCY is founded on the belief that a child's involvement in competitive swimming offers an exciting opportunity and an valuable experience; one that will help shape athletes as both competitors and individuals.

Our mission is to offer a multi-level competitive program that stresses individual improvement and team achievement, while teaching its swimmers to train and compete according to the YMCA core values. As a member of GCY, a swimmer will have the opportunity to develop a work ethic and healthy sense of competition and community that together can provide the backbone for success in the pool, the classroom, and beyond!

For more information, please contact Brad Herndon at 478.9635, or visit their webpage at www.gcymakos.org

Reidsville Swim Team
The Reidsville YMCA participates with the GCY team.

Bryan Bears
The YMCA Bears are a member of the Greensboro Community Swimming Association. The Community Swim Association (CSA) is a non-profit organization comprised of 22 local swim clubs and more than 2,000 swimmers from ages 5 to 18 in the Greensboro, NC metropolitan area.

For more information, email James Wright or call James at 336.478.9634.

GCY Masters
Whether you are swimming for fitness or training for triathlons, GCY Masters has something to offer you. We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate all levels of athletes. Our professional coaching staff will assist you in developing techniques specific to your training regiment.

For more information contact Brad Herndon at.478.9635

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